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Patty Temple, Minidoka County Clerk-Auditor-Recorder

Patty Temple
Minidoka County Clerk-Auditor-Recorder
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Welcome to the Office of the Clerk, Auditor and Recorder’s site. Actually, my position as listed in the Idaho Constitution and on the election ballot is Clerk of the District Court, however we are usually referred to as the County Clerk. As such I am responsible for clerical support of the courts and for the processing and maintenance of all court cases.

Over the years the Idaho Legislature has added several other responsibilities to that position. In fact, Idaho leads the nation in the number of major responsibilities combined into one position.

The Auditor’s responsibilities include the issuance of all County Warrants (many counties use warrants instead of checks to pay their bills), developing and monitoring the County Budget, as well as other employee-related services.

The Recorder’s Office is primarily responsible for the recordation of documents, most of which pertain to real property. It has been said that the historical value of archiving property information is the most important function of county government….but that was probably said by a County Recorder, too. That office also issues marriage licenses, alcoholic beverage licenses, and handles passport applications.

The County Clerk also serves as Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. In that role I work closely with the commissioners by preparing their meeting agenda, providing information, and taking minutes of their meetings. Copies of our contracts, resolutions, and ordinances can be obtained from my office. The commissioners decide on Applications for County Aid after my office investigates the application and prepares the pertinent information on which they base their decision.

The Chief Elections Official in the county is the County Clerk. As such we process voter registrations and maintain the database that is used for elections by all the taxing districts. Conducting the Primary and General Elections in each even-numbered year is the main responsibility of that function. However, Election Consolidation Legislation passed in 2010 gave the County Clerk the responsibility of conduction all elections beginning in 2011.

In carrying out all of these responsibilities, we strive to provide the best service possible while meeting our statutory obligations. Any suggestions for improving this service is always welcomed.

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Office Information

Minidoka County Courthouse
715 G. Street
P.O. Box 368
Rupert, Id 83350

Phone: (208)436-9511
Fax: (208)436-9061

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday

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