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This museum features Rupert’s 1906 railroad depot, caboose, and a genuine Russell steam engine tractor that has been restored to its original colors.

You’ll see wooden wheeled carts once used by firemen of an earlier day. You’ll also see exhibits which include an early 1900s marble soda fountain, including its original syrups, candy and supplies that came from Hall’s Confectionary in Paul.

There’s a display of over 600 bottles and jars. Other artifacts include a 220 volt permanent wave machine, a restored sheep wagon used on the range, horse drawn farm equipment, and many pictures and artifacts from the historic Minidoka Dam and Power Plant.

You’ll also find information on the Hunt Camp, a WWII Japanese relocation camp, including a 1943 Hunt Camp High School annual. You’ll see Rupert’s first jail, a fully-furnished homestead shack, trophies and annuals from the world’s first all electric public building, Rupert High School, built in 1913.
The museum is full of old time pictures and personal histories from the towns of Rupert, Paul, Heyburn, Acequia, Minidoka, Adelaide and Kimama.

Admission is free, but donations are welcome.
Handicapped accessible.


Historical Society Members

President: Gus Bryngelson

Vice President: Tom Goodman
Directors: Keith Gentry, Callis Young, Ray Stockton, Mike Christensen
Treasurer: Audrey Neiwerth
Secretary: Ginger Cooper
Ginger Cooper


Contact the Museum for more information
Phone: (208)436-0336


Office Information

99 East Baseline
1 mile east of Rupert

Phone: (208)436-0336

10:00 am p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Monday - Saturday
Except Holidays
& By Appointment

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