County Clerk

Welcome to the Office of the Clerk, Auditor, and Recorder's page. The position is listed in the Idaho Constitution and on the election ballot as Clerk of the District Court, however the position is usually referred to as the County Clerk.


The Clerk of the District Court serves as ex officio Auditor and Recorder and as ex officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners (§31-2001, I.C.). This position is responsible for clerical support of the courts and for the processing and maintenance of all court cases. Over the years the Idaho Legislature has added several other responsibilities to that position. In fact, Idaho leads the nation in the number of major responsibilities combined into one position.

Clerk to Board of County Commissioners

The County Clerk also serves as Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. That role works closely with the commissioners by preparing their meeting agenda, providing information, and taking minutes of their meetings. Copies of our contracts, resolutions, and ordinances can be obtained from the county clerk's office. The commissioners decide on Applications for County Aid after the Clerk's office investigates the application and prepares the pertinent information on which they base their decision.

In carrying out all of these responsibilities, we strive to provide the best service possible while meeting our statutory obligations. Any suggestions for improving this service are always welcome.