Recorder's Office

The Recorder's Office is primarily responsible for the recordation of documents, most of which pertain to real property. It has been said that the historical value of archiving property information is the most important function of county government, but that was probably said by a County Recorder, too. The office also issues marriage licenses, alcoholic beverage licenses, and handles passport applications.


As ex officio Recorder, the Clerk is responsible (§31-2402, I.C.) for recording:
  • Certified copies of any petition, with the schedules omitted, filed in, and certified copies of any order or decree made or entered in, any proceeding under the National Bankruptcy Act
  • Certificates of marriage and marriage contracts
  • Deeds, grants, transfers and mortgages or real estate, releases of mortgages, powers of attorney to convey real estate and leases which have been acknowledged or proved, and transcripts of judgments or decrees which affect the title or possession of real property, including water rights, any part of which is situate in the county of which the person is the recorder.
  • Financing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code which cover timber to be cut, minerals or the like (including oil and gas), and accounts subject to 5 of §28-9-103, I.C.
  • Instruments describing or relating to the separate property of married women
  • Notices of the pendency of an action affecting real estate, the title thereto or possession thereof
  • Notices of attachments upon real estate
  • Notices of mechanics' liens
  • Notice of order of a general adjudication in conformance with section §42-1408, I.C.
  • Notices of preemption claims
  • Official bonds
  • Such other writings are required or permitted by law to be recorded. Other writings required or permitted by law would include:
    • Certif­icates of sale (§31-2406, I.C.)
    • Various indexes (§§31-2404 and 31-2405, I.C.)
    • Various other records
  • Transcripts of judgments which by law are made liens upon real estate
  • Wills admitted to probate