Juvenile Detention

The Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center is a 16 bed secure detention facility operated by Minidoka County and Cassia County, jointly. It is the desire of the Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center that all residents placed here, will learn from their past choices and mistakes and will take corrective measures that will aide in the prevention of further periods of detainment.


The purpose of the Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center is to provide both counties with a secure facility to place juvenile offenders who are deemed to be a risk to the safety of their respective communities, to assure juvenile offenders appear for scheduled court hearings, and to provide the juvenile court with a short term, alternative sentencing option.

Mission Statement

The Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center will provide a safe and secure setting for all residents. The Center will meet the basic necessities of all residents such as proper nutrition, hygiene, rest, exercise, medical care, and education. Additionally, the Center shall establish and follow a highly structured program designed to hold residents accountable for their behavior by assessing consequences for the violation of Detention Center rules.