Public Relations

Tax Increases

Taxpayers who feel their tax bills are too high usually blame the Assessor's Office. It is also the place taxpayers go when they want a particular license plate number. Frequently they are not satisfied with the response they get in either case. Most tax increases are brought about by inflation and increased budgets, which in turn require increases in the levies certified by cities, school, road, and other taxing districts. For this type of tax increase the Assessor bears no responsibility. If taxpayers wish to have their opinions heard concerning levies, they must attend the hearings held by these districts and cities.


The Assessor's Office should be active in helping achieve an understanding between the County Commissioners and the taxpayers. When there are increases in valuation, which may result in tax increases, holding taxpayer meetings to explain increases can be very helpful in reducing complaints.

County newspapers and radio and television stations are usually willing to cooperate in publicizing county assessment policies. Publicly explaining the complexity of government can lighten the load of complaints in the Assessor's and County Commissioner's Offices during peak load periods. Assessors have helped this process by sending out letters to accompany and explain the annual valuation statements mailed in June.