Elected Officials

Many people believe local government is most responsive to the needs of the people. County government, in particular, is responsive, largely because the people in charge of county government are elected locally. The Constitution of the State of Idaho (Article 18, Section 6) provides for the election, every four years, of a Sheriff, a Treasurer, an Auditor-Clerk-Recorder, an Assessor, and a Coroner. §31-703, Idaho Code (I.C.), mandates that two County Commissioners serve two-year terms and the third serves a four-year term. The four-year term alternates between the commissioners, based on the number of the district each represents.


Each official is charged with particular duties and responsibilities in the operation of county government. A person can better understand county government by examining each elected officer's respective duties.

Enumeration of County Officers

§31-2001, I.C., lists the various County Officials required for county government. They include:
  1. Assessor
  2. Clerk of the District Court (also serves as Auditor and Recorder)
  3. County Commissioners
  4. Coroner
  5. Prosecuting Attorney
  6. Sheriff
  7. Treasurer (also serves as Public Administrator and Tax Collector)
Except for the County Commissioners, these officials are empowered to appoint such deputies as are necessary (§31-2003, I.C.) for the "prompt and faithful discharge of the duties of...office."

County Officials

County Commissioners