Areas of Responsibility

Sheryl Koyle

  • Building and Grounds
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Meet as needed.
  • Hospital Board
  • Magistrate Commission - As needed
  • Mini-Cassia Transportation Committee - Meet 2nd Wednesday monthly
  • MEPC: Meet 4th Tuesday of every other month.
  • M-C Econ Dev. Commission- Quarterly
  • M- C Commerce Authority
  • Weed Advisory Board - Semi Annually
  • South Eastern Idaho Development Org.
  • Regional Conservation Development - Monthly
Wayne Schenk
  • Fair Board  - 1st Wednesday of the Month
  • Historical Society - 3rd Thursday of the Month                     
  • Senior Citizens Center- 2nd Tuesday of the Month 
  • Region IV Dev. Assn. - 1st Thursday of the Month as needed.
  • So. Central Community Action- 3rd Thursday of every other month.
  • Middle Snake Water Advisory Group 
  • Solid Waste District: Meet the 4th Wednesday of every month.
  • South Central District Health - Executive Board- Tracy Haskin

Kent McClellan

  • Animal Control Board: Meet on Tuesday evenings, every other month.
  • Gem Plan
  • Jail Committee - 2nd & 4th Tuesday Mornings.
  • Juvenile Probation Committee- 2nd Tuesday mornings in Minidoka County.
  • Public Defender - 4th Tuesday mornings in Cassia County.
  • Veterans Advisory Board
  • CAT Board
  • ICRMP Board
  • Parks and Recreation