Non-Medical Assistance

Assistance Services

  • Fuel (Automobile)
  • Housing
  • Indigent Deceased
  • Short Term Medication Costs
  • Utilities
Residents of Minidoka County may apply for only "temporary" non-medical assistance from the county. The county will consider such applications only when no other alternative is available to the applicant.


  • All applicants must reside in Minidoka County at least 30 consecutive days prior to the filing of an application.
  • Must be a Minidoka County resident by legal definition.
  • Must file an application on approved form with notarized signature.
  • All applicants and their spouse must submit to an interview.
  • Applicant must prove to the County that he/she has the financial ability to meet their ongoing expenses.
  • All applicants must cooperate with county staff in the investigation of the application.
  • County will not provide more than one month's assistance in any 12-month aggregate time period (assistance received from another county in Idaho will count in this calculation).
  • County will not provide continuing or long-term assistance.
  • An application will be denied if an applicant voluntarily quit their job within 30 days prior to filing the application; or if he/she was fired for failing to appear for work, excessive absences or violation of employer policies.
  • Minidoka County must be the last resort; the applicant must have no other available resources, public or private.
  • The county will consider all available resources of all adult members of the household.
  • All adult members of the household may be required to submit to an interview.
  • All adult members of the household must be employed or demonstrate they are actively seeking employment or be deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration.


  • Applications cannot be filed sooner than 2 weeks before rent is due.
  • A valid lease must be in effect and provided to county staff.
  • County will not make payments to relatives of any degree or relation, including in-laws.
  • County will not pay rent if the applicant is the subject of court eviction proceedings.
  • County will not pay first month of rent, security deposits, late fees, interest penalties or Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking.
  • County will not pay rent where a co-signer exists.
  • County will not pay past due rent unless landlord verifies in writing he/she will not institute eviction proceedings after payment.


  • The account must be in the name of the applicant or his/her spouse; or it is clearly demonstrated that the applicant is required to pay for the utilities.
  • Utility assistance will only be granted for applicant's current address.
  • Applications for utility assistance cannot be filed sooner than 2 weeks before the amount is due.
  • If the account is guaranteed by another as a co-signer, the application will be denied.

Services Not Included

Minidoka County will not pay for:
  • Any expenses that are not considered "necessary living expenses"
  • Any type of phone service
  • Costs associated with septic tank cleaning or maintenance or replacement
  • Internet, satellite television (TV) or cable TV
  • Irrigation, sewage, garbage, or trash collection fees (except where water, sewer, trash, and irrigation are billed on a single billing document)
  • Late fees
  • Penalties or interest
  • Reconnection fees
  • Vehicle expenses

Indigent Deceased

Upon a timely application, if the requirements of indigency and residency are met, Minidoka County will pay an amount established by the Board of County Commissioners to pay for the cremation or burial of deceased Minidoka County residents or unclaimed bodies. Local funeral homes, friends or relatives of the deceased, or the Minidoka County Coroner can submit an application for cremation or burial. Please note state law requires that the application must be filed with Minidoka County Indigent Services before the cremation or burial services are rendered.

Minidoka County will not pay for transporting human remains into Minidoka County. We may help with transportation costs to an outside cemetery or to the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery. Minidoka County will not pay to exhume a deceased body buried as an indigent.