Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting can be candles, flashlights, and lanterns. Putting a light in front of a mirror increases the illumination. If using candles, kerosene, or propane lanterns, take appropriate fire safety precautions. Do not go to sleep with an open flame light burning. Store fuels like propane and kerosene safely outside of the house or apartment.

Car Batteries

You can get power for lights and radios from a car battery. People familiar with electricity can rig emergency lights from car batteries, brake lights, wire and fuse boxes from cars or junkyards. It is also possible to build an improvised generator using an automobile alternator and a lawnmower engine. If these activities are organized as a community, people with skills will be able to help others learn how to do these things. This kind of utilization will cause a car battery to deteriorate faster, but in an emergency, sometimes such trade-offs have to be made.