Minimize Frozen Plumbing

Steps to Avoid Frozen Plumbing

  1. Turn on faucets and collect any water, open cupboard doors under sinks.
  2. Open any other drain valves and collect water.
  3. Turn off and drain the hot water tank through the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. (It has a connection for a hose, and this water should be saved). Turn off the water heater when you are going to drain it. If left on and empty, it will burn up the heating system in the tank.
  4. Pour car windshield washer anti-freeze in the sinks and stool to protect the gooseneck traps and prevent odor from entering the house.
  5. Washing machine: Pour a quart of car windshield washer anti-freeze in washing machine and set the button to pump it out just a second. This gets it through the tubes and pump underneath.
  6. Move stored water to the warmest room as possible. If not practical, make sure containers have enough room for expansion if the water freezes.