A Subdivision Application will be required for all property divisions that comply with the following.  All others may be reviewed for a property split without a subdivision application, Please see "Property Splits"

Subdivisions: Please Review Title 9 -Subdivision Regulations of the Minidoka County Ordinance for further guidelines.

SUBDIVISION: The division of an original lot, tract, or parcel of land into more than four (4) parts for the purpose of transfer of ownership or development; the dedication of a public street and the addition to, or creation of, a cemetery. However, this title shall not apply to any of the following:

A. An allocation of land in the settlement of an estate of a decedent or a court decree for the distribution of property;

B. The unwilling sale of land as a result of legal condemnation as defined and allowed in the Idaho Code;

C. Widening of existing streets to conform to the comprehensive plan;

D. The acquisition of collector and arterial street rights of way by a public agency in conformance with the comprehensive plan;

E. The exchange of land for the purpose of straightening property boundaries that does not result in the change of the present land usage of the properties involved; and

F. The acquisition of a parcel with the purpose of adding to an existing parcel, lot or tract without any individual or separate development.

ORIGINAL PARCEL OF LAND: A lot, tract or individual parcel as recorded on any plat or recorded on file in the office of the Minidoka County recorder, any unplatted contiguous parcel of land held in one ownership, or any platted contiguous parcel of land comprised of or including government lots, and being any such parcel of record as of March 18, 1982, the effective date of the original subdivision ordinance.