Height and Setback Regulations


Zoning height, area, and setback regulations shall be set forth in the following schedule:

A. The following setbacks and minimum yard requirements shall apply in the respective zones.

B. Setbacks shall be measured from property lines unless a property line is in the center of the road or street. In such case, setback shall be measured from the road or street right of way.

C. Setbacks shall be measured to the wall of a structure with projections of twenty four inches (24") or less. For walls with projections of greater than twenty four inches (24"), setbacks shall be measured to the projections. Projections over public way will be governed by provisions of this title and the international building code.


Zoning District
Max Height-1
Front Setback-5
Rear Setback-2
Interior Side Setback-7
Side Street Setback-6
Max Lot Coverage
Minimum Lot Area-3
Ag Low
35' 30' 5' 5' 30' 30% 1 acre-4
Ag Med
45' 30' 5' 5' 30' 10% 1 acre
Ag High
45' 30' 5' 5' 30' 10% 1 acre
Res Low
35' 20' 5' 5' 20' 30% 1 acre
Res Med
35' 20' 5' 5' 20' 40% 1 acre
Res High
45' 20' 5' 5' 20' 50% 1 acre
Com Loc
35' 20' 5' 5' 20' NR 1 acre
Com Gen
45' 0' 0' 0' 0' NR 1 acre
Ind Low
60' 0' 0' 0' 0' NR 1 acre
Ind High
60' 0' 0' 0' 0' NR 1 acre


 1. Except for silos, granaries, windmills and elevator legs.

 2. Any building on residential lots that has garage doors opening toward the alley to the rear of the property shall be set back 20 feet from the rear property line, unless permanently posted for no parking on doors opening to the alley. The no parking signs shall be of letters no less than 4 inches in height and of a permanent material and nature.

 3. When more than 1 dwelling unit is placed on the same lot, parcel or tract, the minimum lot area will be required per unit.

 4. If central water or sewer is provided, then the minimum lot size may be reduced to 1/2 acre.

 5. Front and side street setbacks from streets located within an approved rural subdivision may be reduced to 20 feet from the applicable street right of way.

 6. Side street setback may be reduced to 10 feet from the applicable street right of way within platted subdivisions when said side street is not a front street for more than 50 percent of the lots in the block in which the lot is located.

 7. Interior side setbacks may be reduced to 1 foot for noncombustible detached carports which contain the roof storm runoff to the property on which it is located.