Planning & Zoning Board

The Minidoka County Planning and Zoning Commission currently has a vacancy.  If you have interest or have questions about this position please contact the Planning and Zoning Department Administrator.


Name Original Year of Appointment
Current Term
Term Expiration
Dacx Duffin* April 2013
Jan 2022
Dec 2024
Spencer Wilson December 2021
Jan 2024
Dec 2026
Lloyd Smith  
June 2017 Jan 2024 Dec 2026
Andrea Mabrey January 2023 Jan 2023 Dec 2025
Landon Whitesides January 2023
Jan 2023
Dec 2025
Jennie Bateman January 2022
Jan 2023 Dec 2025
Troy Wilkins** October 2018 Jan 2023
Dec 2025
*Commission Chairman
**Commission Vice Chairman 

Term Limit

  • The term of office for members shall not be less than three (3) years. Members may be reappointed to additional terms as deemed necessary by the board of county commissioners. Terms expire in December.