Waterways Committee


Name Phone Number
Original Year of Appointment
Term Expiration
Steve Copmann 208-436-0424 2009
Jim Fletcher 208-436-6861 2005
Gaylon Kidd 208-678-5380 2005
Dan Kindig 208-434-2320 2005
Bill Knight 208-436-5555 2009
Trapper Richardson 208-436-9395 2005
Russell Smith 208-678-2495 2005

Term Limit

  • 4 year terms
  • Expires October 1


A member of the Marine Division sits on the County Waterways Committee. The County Waterways Committee makes recommendations to the county commissioners on the expenditures of the county vessel account. The County Vessel Account receives funds from gas tax and boat registrations. Funds are used for marine law enforcement, replacement and maintenance of docks, ramps and facilities.