Manufactured Homes

When placing a manufactured home (mobile home) in Minidoka County or the cities within the county, the following procedures and permits are required:

Idaho Department of Occupational and Professional Licenses HERE

Zoning Provisions (Where & What is Allowed)

  • Mobile Home Parks - Placement of all classes manufactured homes on spaces or lots within an existing approved Mobile Home Park is allowed and requires an Installation Permit.
  • Minidoka County (Unincorporated area inside Areas of City Impact) - Installation permits are required and only Class A and B manufactured Homes are permitted.
  • Minidoka County (Unincorporated area outside Areas of City Impact) - Installation permits are required and HUD approved homes manufactured after June of 1976, or that comply with the Idaho Manufactured Home Rehabilitation Act are permitted.
  • Cities of Rupert, Heyburn, and Paul - Installation permits are required and only Class A Manufactured Homes (double wide on permanent foundation) are permitted where single family residences are allowed.
  • City of Acequia - Double wide (newer than 1976) on permanent foundation. All others require a Special Use permit issued by City Council. Installation permit issued by Building Department
Note: Placement of all manufactured homes and development of parcels shall comply with the applicable density and subdivision requirements and all proper permits must be obtained.

DEFINITIONS:  Manufactured Home Classifications are found in the Application Packet located below.

Required Permits & Fees

  • Septic System permit (for outside city service areas) from:
    Scott Arnell
    South Central District Health Department
    Phone: 208-436-7185 or 208-678-6937
    Hours: 8 to 10 a.m.
  • Building/placement permit from the Minidoka County Building Department
    • $150 for Single wide
    • $200 for Multiple section placement permit
    • Additional fee for concrete foundation (cost varies slightly on size of home)
  • Electrical permit from the Idaho Department of Labor and Industrial Services
  • Plumbing permits for new service and manufactured home connection, from the Idaho Department of Labor and Industrial Services
  • Well permit from Idaho Department of Water Resources, call 208-736-3033 for more information

Required Submittals for Placement Permits

  • Blocking plan and requirements - can be obtained from manufacturer
  • Copy of septic system permit - if not on central or City sewer
  • Evidence that hook up fees have been paid - if home is to be connected to City sewer or water
  • Foundation plan and specifications - if home is being placed on permanent foundation
  • Home information - year, make, model, size of home, and floor plan if new home
  • Legal description (if not in a Mobile Home Park)
  • Plot or site plan - showing location of home with respects to road right-of-ways, property lines, easements and other buildings
  • Proof of ownership ( Deed or Signed Earnest Money Agreement)
  • Exterior photos of all sides of the Home. (Does not pertain to New Homes.)
  • State of Idaho Rehabilitation Documents - Homes Manufactured Prior to June 15, 1976
  • Diagrams identifying Landings and Egress showing dimensions, elevation, handrails/guardrails, and stairs.

Permit Applications