Agricultural Building Exemptions

Exemption From Full Building Permit

The Minidoka County Zoning Ordinance exempts agricultural buildings from the requirements of a full building permit. The building is eligible for this exemption if the building and the land parcel meet the definition and land parcel criteria as established in the Minidoka County Zoning Ordinance.


  • An agricultural building is a structure located on agricultural zoned property and designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other horticultural products and includes sheds, barns, corrals or fences.
  • This definition does not include a place for human habitation or a place of regular employment, where agricultural products are extracted, processed, treated or packaged, or a place used by the public.

Exemption From Zoning/Building Permit

Structures or buildings, that meet the definition of Agricultural Building and are constructed and located in an Agricultural Zone on a parcel that meets the definition for Agricultural Exemption, will only be required to obtain a Siting Permit in lieu of a Building Permit.


A parcel or tract of land that is more than five contiguous acres, and is actively devoted to agriculture is eligible for an agricultural exemption when meeting the following criteria:
  • It is used to produce field crops including, but not limited to, grains, feed crops, fruits and vegetables
  • It is used to produce nursery stock as defined in Idaho Code, Section 22-2302
  • It is used by the owner for the grazing of livestock to be sold as part of a net profit­ making enterprise, or is leased by the owner to a bona fide lessee for grazing purposes
  • It is in a cropland retirement or rotation program.
A building that qualifies for an agricultural exemption must still submit an application for a zoning/building permit for siting purposes to assure road and property line setbacks, but is exempt from full building permit, building code requirements, and associated inspections.

Agricultural Exemption Application