Civil Services

The Civil Law Division for Minidoka County handles all paper services for executions, smalls claims, subpoenas, court orders, and summons. We also handle Warrants of Distraint for the Minidoka County Tax Collector.

Paper Service

  • Subpoenas
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Writs of Execution
  • Bank Garnishments

  • Small Claims
  • Court Orders
  • Writ of Restitution
  • Writ of Assistance



  • Service and Return for all services: $60.00 (Please click here to see the breakdown below for other specific services)

Please review the bulleted items below in preparing your civil process for service by the Sheriff's Office.

  • Writs of Execution
    • Original Writ plus 3 copies
    • One (1) copy of the Order
    • Notice of Garnishment
    • Claim of Exemption Packet for the defendant
    • Instructions from Judgment Creditor
    • Envelope addressed to the defendant with sufficient postage to the mail the Exemption Packet. Make sure to include a Self Address Stamped Envelope for the Return of Service.
  • Bank Garnishments
    • Make a $7 check out to the Banking Institution
    • Original Writ plus 2 copies
    • Claim of Exemption
    • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for the Return of Service
    • Note
    : A signed and dated Sheriff's Letter of Instruction must be included on all service requests. One may be picked up at the Sheriff's Office.

For any questions regarding paper services, please contact the Civil Division at 208-434-2324.

Legal Questions

The Sheriff's Office cannot give out legal advice. For advice regarding civil procedures, civil claims, and landlord/tenant issues, please utilize one of the following resources: